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Ordinary people in an un-ordinary time.

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getting ready

Sunday was another snowy day and more snow fell in the night. Monday morning life starts to get back to normality. I had to de-ice and  de-snow the van before a trip out. At Southampton General Hospital crew are de- icing the air ambulance ready for action.


Outside the hospital and across the road is a cemetery and plans were underway with horses and hearse for a snowy funeral.

readydead.jpgready 1.jpgready.jpg

Life goes on what ever the weather.




Breakfast on the shore

I was watching wader’s this  morning at my usual spot at Titchfield Haven. With the tide in the Sanderlings were relaxing as usual.


Without warning a Kestrel dropped out of the sky picked up a Sanderling and fled alone the beach, with the shocked bird in its talons. Lucky for the Sanderling the Kestral lost its grip and the bird took off at speed out to sea followed by the rest of the flock from the beach.

I have never seen a Kestel attempt to catch a wader before.



(Not able to record this on film today – pictures taken on another day.)