winter duck


Pochards are a common diving duck that feed on plant seeds, waterweeds, snails and other aquatic invertebrates. Most are winter visitors although a few pairs stay in the UK to nest.







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December Blackbird

Female blackbird’s are brown !

female blackbird

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Tantallon Castle

Tantallon Castle near North Berwick, East Lothian, from Seacliff       beach visited back in the summer this year. Seacliff beach is a lovely sandy and rocky beach reached down a private farm toll road from Auldhame Farm which is well worth the £3 charge  which includes parking.

lobster pots.jpg

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Allan Williams Turret

A metal turret, pillbox which could be rotated through a full 360 degrees, set on a steel and brick-lined pit. It was designed for a machine gun to be fired either through the front loophole which was further protected by shutters, or through the circular opening in the roof in a light anti-aircraft role. Nearly 200 Turrets were installed in WW2 but salvaging of the metal after the war means that only just over 30 remain today.


This survivor is on the seawall at Cley Next The Sea, Norfolk. The turret had a garrison of two men or, if necessary three men, for whom there were folding seats inside One man could rotate the cupola which is on roller bearings.


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below the sea


My visit to the Submarine museum in Gosport on Thursday reminded me of a visit in 2016 to the submarine memorial to HMS Thetis. in Wales.This museum is a short boat ferry trip across Portsmouth harbour from the Historic Dockyard.

Click on my link below to find out more about this tragic Naval accident.


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1st RN Submarine


In September 1902 Holand 1 arrived at Portsmouth Dock yard with another completed Holland submarine and HMS Hazard  (their tender) this group made up the “First Submarine Flotilla”, commanded by Captain Reginald Bacon.


She was the Royal Navy’s 1st submarine to go into service.

holand1 b

In  1913 she was considered obsolete so she was sold for scrap (for £410) with all fittings intact, and the only requirement put on the purchaser was that the torpedo tube be put out of action. While being towed to the scrap yard Holland 1 encountered  severe weather and sank about a mile and a half off Eddystone lighthouse  No crew were on board the submarine at the time. In November 1983 she was raised.

holand1 eholand1 a.jpg

holand1 c

Now listed as part of the National Historic Fleet, in 2001, on her centenary, and new purpose-built climate-controlled building was opened to display this historic boat in Gosport Hampshire.






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a joy to watch.

More photo’s of a Sanderling I spent a hour sat on the beach sheltered by a groin watching this bird going about it’s feeding routine a few feet away from me.


A winter visitor and passage migrant in spring and autumn, travelling to and from their high Arctic breeding grounds.




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Bit of a rarity


Bit of a flap on at the harbour bridge Titchfield Haven due to a rarity this morning a little brownish bird  and although not the best pictures, I have posted it out of general interest.  A Barred Warbler according to the experts. After seeing a seal earlier the day could not get much better for nature watching.zz.jpgaaa



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seal spotted again.

Back in August I was amazed to sea a seal in Southampton Water off Titchfield Haven. I posted at the time but he was too quick to catch him with the camera.


This time I was able to take his picture and although a way off the sea wall I am happy I got him this time.


There is recorded a small population of approximately  20 – 25 common seals living in the Solent area, often being seen in Chichester and Langstone Harbours and feeding off the Isle of Wight and up Southampton Water.


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Poppy’s coming to Fort Nelson 2018

fortnelson 1

fort Nelson

A date for the diary next year, more info on link below.

Fort Nelson is part of the ring of forts built to defend the naval base of Portsmouth, and one of five forts built on Portsdown Hill in the 1860s.  Some of the Poppy’s that were at the Tower of London have been on Tour and will be displayed at Fort Nelson in 2018 well worth a visit if you are in the Portsmouth area.

see my Tower of London Poppy blog click on link below.


fort nelson 7.jpgfort nelson 6.jpgfort nelson 3.jpgfort nelson8.jpgfort nelson 4.jpgfort nelson 2.jpg

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