Hot Heat and Fire.

Returning from the New Forest spotted smoke in the distance which quickly became thicker and closer.

fire b

Soon we were at a standstill as the fire was so intense the road up front was blocked by smoke and flames.


Very quickly  Fire Engines x3 arrived Ambulances, Police and a back up water bowser


We sat unable to move on for an hour while the incident – a lorry on fire which had also caught some of the trees above it was dealt with by the authorities. They even distributed bottled water to people stuck in the incident on this baking hot day. One can only reflect what those poor people in Greece went through when caught up in the fires there.

fire crew1

burn out.png


Quite pleased with the pictures taken from dash camera.


Is the weather cooling off ?


Obsession with the weather is an English obsession but the weather is a little cooler today and clouds are in the sky. I have caught up with some of the local wildlife at the Haven. It always amazes me that the same view can always be different.

under sailtrawling

In the water, I spotted this Jellyfish. News reports had said there was an increase in Jelly numbers around the UK with warmer summer waters. Normally I have only spotted them dead on the beach.


The same usual visitors around the harbour.  The Shell ducklings were very active and now they have grown larger the adult birds are giving them more space and time to explore and develop by themselves.





1 ref

The ducklings as well as growing their colours have changed they are very camouflaged against the mud in the harbour basin. If you want to look back at the ducklings a few weeks ago click on my link below.


Harbour from the seaward side.

Other birds about today included a Cormorant who had decided to take over the old post to dry his wings. Avocets were about and a Redshank had returned.





The picture of the Redshank shown with a Black-headed gull and Mallard is useful as it allows you to see the size of the Redshank next to a familiar bird.



Teasels are coming into flower which will become a food source for seed-eating birds in the  Autumn.



Many clouds in the sky the first seen for a couple of weeks.


Down to the woods.

Down to the New Forest today.  Outside temperatures pushing 28 degrees. So we tried to find a bit of shade in the woods.


The bird feeder at an RSPB hut attracted many Siskins and some other visitors.


Male Siskins.


Pair of Siskins.


female siskin.jpg

Female Siskin.

chafinched .jpg

Male Chaffinch.

great tit

Young Great Tit.

Bolderwood has an area where the deer are fed so the chances of seeing New Forest Deer closer than in the open Forest is more likely. Given that we only saw one female Fallow Deer today.


Fallow deer were first brought to Britain from the Mediterranean in  Roman times, they were kept within enclosures. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, Fallow deer died out in Britain. In the 11th century Fallow deer were reintroduced they were kept in parks gradually their populations increased and they became an important source of venison for aristocratic tables. As the fashion for deer parks declined in the 15th century, many parks fell into disrepair and escapee deer from these parks became the foundation of the free-living population in Britain today.




changing weather.

Winter – Summer – Winter

Sunday- Monday- Tuesday


The weather cleared on Monday the sun was out bright blue sea and sky, it was warm enough to walk on the beach in a T-shirt. Had a lovely day bird watching and sea watching. Sunlight is so good to ones wellbeing. I thought I love sunny days.

Tuesday was wet, maybe next week it will be bright again, Easter is almost here.