Hot Heat and Fire.

Returning from the New Forest spotted smoke in the distance which quickly became thicker and closer.

fire b

Soon we were at a standstill as the fire was so intense the road upfront was blocked by smoke and flames.


Very quickly  Fire Engines x3 arrived Ambulances, Police and a backup water bowser


We sat unable to move on for an hour while the incident – a lorry on fire which had also caught some of the trees above it was dealt with by the authorities. They even distributed bottled water to people stuck in the incident on this baking hot day. One can only reflect what those poor people in Greece went through when caught up in the fires there.

fire crew1

burn out.png


Quite pleased with the pictures taken from a dash camera.

3 thoughts on “Hot Heat and Fire.

  1. Yes very good for a dash camera, never thought of using ours like that and very scary how quickly the fire could have spread, which thankfully it didn’t. You did get some great shots though 🙂

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  2. I didn’t know you could take regular photos … good job! Very scary with Greece and wildfires all around the world these days. A fellow blogger from Sweden said yesterday they had well over a hundred different helpers for their wildfires from their drought. I told him I hoped their resources did not leave to help Greece and that they had enough fire-fighting helpers to assist both countries.

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