An electronic post card – learn more about my blogs.

My posts on this blog started to record our trips and holidays in our VW campervan. It was a personal record for myself and our family so they could see where we were and what we had been doing and seeing. As I posted our travels tales visitors not known to us started to follow the adventures perhaps finding it by accident.


When not travelling I spend a lot of time enjoying wildlife which is reflected in nature posts.

“An electronic postcard.” 

I also have another active blog recording the history of people I have enjoyed researched the link to this site below. Why not take a look.


Home location South Coast Hampshire UK


I hope if you find this blog you enjoy its content and if so why not follow it.

Below link to  my old blogs

old blog link

old blog

I am happy for anyone to contact me to request to use my photos to be used by others remember the copyright will be retained by me. 


for those interested camera’s & equipment that I am now using is listed below:

  • Fuji XT1 and XH1 cameras with battery pack/grip
  • Zeiss 12mm
  • Zeiss 32mm
  • Fuji 60mm macro
  • Fuji 50mm – 230mm 
  • Fuji 100mm-400mm (+ x1.4 tube)
  • carbon fibre tripod 
  • monopod

Other essential travel blogging equipment.

  • Binoculars
  • Campervan 
  • Sat Nav
  • Reference books
  • OS maps  now update to electronic maps

I love visiting the coast & places on the seaside. I consider I am a beachcomber. I often venture into the water on boat trips or walking on beaches. Tide and time wait for no man & while I remain conscious of safety if you get caught out the Coastguard and RNLI are there to bring help to those in danger on the sea or around the coast. That is why I fully support the work of the RNLI.

life boats


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