Gadwall – male



A dabbling duck, grey in colour sized a little smaller than the mallard, with an obvious black rear end. It shows a white wing patch. When seen close up the grey colour is made up of fine barring and speckling. It nests in low numbers around the UK. It is on the Amber List.duck1.jpg

show a leg.


The  Redshank is a common UK wader and found all year around our coast and further inland during the breeding season. As its name suggests the Redshanks’ most striking features is their bright orange/red legs. They also have a medium-length bill with an orange base.

I have posted pictures before but could not hold off posting today’s bird.


redshank 00




Not sharp (but proof)

These pictures are taken of birds a long way off shore and are not as sharp as I would usually blog but as I have never seen Eider this far South or on the Solent before so I decided to post them. I have only ever seen wild Eider duck above North Yorkshire on the coast. This group of birds were about 15 in number.

eidereider1eider fly




The Coot is an all-black water bird, it has a distinctive white beak and ‘shield’ above the beak and red eyes. Its feet have distinctive lobed flaps of skin on the toes, which act instead of webs when swimming.


Singing Dunnock

tree sparrow00

The Dunnock, which is also known as Hedge Sparrow it is a small brown and grey bird an unobtrusive bird. Take a closer look it is quite attractive with its blue-grey head and breast, light and dark brown streaky back, brown streaked flanks and pink legs. The black bill is finer than that of other sparrows, because it feeds mainly on insects and not seed.

tree sparrow0