Remains of Southampton Pier.

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I visited Mayflower Park today to take pictures of the remains of Southampton Pier. I understand there are plans to redevelop the area, Sorting out some of my old pictures prompted this visit. At the time of the fire I was living in the area and on hearing via Radio Solent the Pier on fire and seeing the smoke I visited the area and took this picture (below) of the Pavilion building burning in 1987.

The 270 m pier was opened on 8 July 1833 as Victoria pier and was built to give steamer services somewhere to dock.

fire on the pier


Getting ready for the Show.

piles.jpgSouthampton Boat Show is an on-water boat Show, It is one of the largest in Europe and the biggest of its type in the UK. The Show is held in September  at Mayflower Park, Southampton, England.

boat show2

boat show7

The pontoons are being put in place ready for the show soon Millions of £’s in pleasure boats will be on show.


8.jpgboat show6.jpgboat show3.jpg

roof work


cover up

Tredegar House  is a 17th-century country house at the western edge of the city of Newport , South Wales. For over 500 years it was home to the Morgan family, one of the most powerful and influential families in the area. Since 2012 it has been managed by the National Trust. This years the trust has a major project to replace the leaking roof although covered for this work the house remained open to the public and they are offer roof top tours until the end of September.


Walking in the foot steps of Romans.

Founded by the Romans as a market town Caerwent in South Wales it is located about five miles West of Chepstow. roman wallsToday a modern village is built among the square grid of the Roman ruins. The walled town allows visitors to undertake a walk around the town. There are also remains of a Temple, market place and houses. Little bits of Roman pottery can be seen on the surface as you walk around making a direct link to Roman times.