The Turnstone,   a small bird of the shore line  it’s has a mottled appearance with brown or chestnut and black upper parts and brown and white or black and white head pattern, whilst their lower parts are white and legs orange. They are often seen in small flocks on the shore line. These pictures show how the bird blend into it’s environment.



Hairy little monster.


Hairy Porcelain Crab

Another small crab (although not a true crab)  its has a flattened body and  clamps it.s self  to the underside of a rocks. Again it is small it could hide underneath a 20p coin. The shell is covered in hair and the two large claws contain a fringe of hair.



first man killed.


The son of a wealthy peer Charles Rolls lived just outside the town of Monmouth South Wales in Hendre. he was a keen racing cyclist, an accomplished mechanic, a pioneer in motoring and an experienced balloonist/aviator. He co-founded the Rolls-Royce Company and was the first man to make a non-stop crossing of the English Channel by aeroplane. He died in a flying accident at Bournemouth in July 1910 he was killed when his French-built Wright biplane broke up in mid-air. Though he came down from only 20 feet, he cracked his skull. He became Britain’s first aircraft fatality. This Statue   stands at Agincourt Square Monmouth.