Titchfield Haven



Anyone who regularly looks at my blogs will have noticed that I spend a lot of time around Titchfield Haven in Hampshire overlooking the Solent. There are three clear habitats Wetlands, beach and sea.


sea wall.jpg

Until the late 16th century the river Meon was navigable as far Titchfield, which was a significant port. Silting up of the waterway restricted passage of ships. A small canal was constructed and opened in 1611.At the time the Titchfield Canal was only the second canal existing in Britain.




The canal also suffered from silting and the sea trade moved to nearby Southampton and Portsmouth. As part of the construction of the canal, the outfall of the River Meon to the sea was dammed, creating the wetlands in the floodplain of the river that now forms the nature reserve. The river today flows into the Solent near Hill Head where there is a small harbour.


Todays highlight watching a Kestrel.



Ashlett Creek



A little backwater hamlet on Southampton Water Ashlett is sandwiched between the Fawley power station and the refinery buildings, it is dominated by the 19th century tidal mill (Grade II), and the hard provided a launching for small craft. Salt production was important in the area from Saxon times until the 19th century when corn milling became Ashlett’s main industry. The creek today is a mooring for small pleasure craft.