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Accidents happen some memories of accidents at sea.

On 28th January 2015, the Hoegh Osaka had a mechanical malfunction causing her to tip and to prevent her rolling over she was steered onto the Bramble bank and beached.


After a salvage operation, she was righted and returned safely to port in Southampton. I took the above photographs from the Isle of Wight ferry.


In 2002 I took some photographs in Portsmouth of HMS Nottingham returning to the UK for repair welded to a transport ship after running aground off Lord Howe Island in September 2002 Australia.

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The Mekhanik Yartsev a Russian freighter got into difficulties off Portsmouth in the early hours of Boxing Day 2017.  Some of her cargo of wood was lost overboard. Her crew of 13 have remained on board while a tug towed her into the Port of Southampton.

45 d

45 da


Redshank in close up

Able to get a close view of a few a few Redshank this morning. I have posted pictures of this bird in the past. Some links below.


It is quite interesting how the same species plumage changes at different time of the year.



Beauty of flight.

common tern

common tern 6

Common Terns are sleek and elegant in the air they are able to hover and dive down into the sea to catch their food. Common Terns mainly eat small marine fish, but will also eat aquatic insects and crustaceans.

common tern 3

common tern 4

These birds were fishing at Titchfield Haven this morning.

common tern1

common tern 2

common tern 8.jpg

common tern 7.jpg


Arrival in numbers.

Black tailed Godwitt 5Black tailed Godwitt 4

This morning a flock of about 20 Black-tailed Godwit’s flew into Titchfield Haven. I have seen one or two over the last few weeks but this was the largest group.

Black-tailed Godwits are large wading birds in summer they have striking bright orange-brown chests and bellies, but in winter they are more greyish-brown.  Most distinctive features are their long thick beaks and legs. The female birds are bigger and heavier than the males, with a noticeably longer beak.

Black tailed Godwitt 3.jpgBlack tailed Godwitt 1.jpg

Black tailed Godwitt


Tern Island


Common Terns have started using this island at Titchfield Haven to rest on when the tide is in and there is no beach for them. A few weeks ago the islands were fully occupied by the colony of breading Black-headed gulls.





Below is a young  Common tern and  Black-headed Gull, It was interesting to watch this Juvenile pair happy together and learning the art of catching something in the water together.



fishing birds.

The Cormorant has a primitive appearance with a long neck making it appear almost prehistoric  Their flight appears slow and almost clumsy. I would class them as a better swimmer and diver than a flier. Which is probably why Cormorants fish from swimming on the water surface- diving down to catch their meal rather than diving from down flight into the water to catch their fish.

look at me 2look at me 1

below old blog showing some Cormorants.   

look at me

This bird can be seen in a typical pose standing with its wings held out to dry in the breeze after doing some fishing. In some parts of Asia fishermen tether Cormorants and use them from small boats to catch fish for them.