The next 500

this blog ending soon ! follow my new one

An important message for my blog followers.

I will transfer future posts to a new WordPress having posted 500+ Posts over the last few years due to my posts being heavy in photos my free data for media is almost used up. Originally I posted to create a family travel log, followers over the years have come on board from all over the world. I have enjoyed seeing who follows my posts and where they are watching from. I hope my old followers sign up and continue to see what I am up to, both on my trips and around my home in Hampshire. Please follow the link to my new blog and find the follow link.

link to my new blog.

My post will be of places visited such as historical and industrial sites. Also, nature observation will feature highly in postings.


5 thoughts on “The next 500

  1. I will certainly follow along Andy – I enjoy all your posts, most especially the various birds. I already follow your other blog which is of a historical nature. I can recall one post about a sea captain, a relative of yours if memory serves me right; will you still have that blog as well?

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