Seaside walk


A re-visit to Nash Point today and I decided to go down to the beach rather than walk to the lighthouse which I have done many times before so this was my 1st walk on the beach at this spot.

Last years post about the lighthouse at Nash Point

The Frolic, was an early wooden,108 ton single cylinder steam powered vessel, which ran between West Wales to Bristol, also picking up Irish trade coming into Milford Haven.  It was one of the first paddle steamers to be operated in the Bristol Channel as a ferry service. Sailing from Haverfordwest during a violent storm on 16th March, 1831 the Frolic came to grief on Nash sands at around 3.00 am.  78 lives were lost, consisting of 63 passengers, and 15 crew. There were no survivors and bodies were washed ashore from Barry to Southerndown the sands are marked by a bouy today with a bell ringing as it moves in the tides.


A steep walk down to the shore revealed both wildlife and fossils.


There were also some ship parts on the rocks but from what wreck I do not know as many ships have been lost as well as the Frolic on this coast


The wave action rolled many stones into almost perfect spheres which appeared most odd.



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