Nash Point

One of my favourite spots on the coast is Nash Point. Reached by a toll road unmanned this time of year. The Lighthouse is a grade 2 listed, historic building. The buildings were built between 1831 -1832 using “Blue Lias” stone quarried from the beach below and then winched up the cliff and dressed on site by masons. After just 11 months work it became operational on 1st October 1832.


A ship called “The Frolic” was wrecked on the Nash Sands in March 1831 with the loss of about 78 this accident may have been the reason that the construction of the light was undertaken in under a year. Today a buoy marks the sands with a bell.

nash point1.jpg

Originally both light towers exhibited a light . This gave a clear set of leading Lights for vessels sailing East up the Bristol Channel and guided them South of Nash Sands. Early in the 1920’s the low tower light was discontinued and a section was placed in the lantern of the high tower, to shine a red beam over the area of the sands.

nash point.jpg

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