Pine Martens.

pine martin2.jpg

Pine Martens are a rare and elusive animal which is mostly found in the North of Britain. They prefer wooded areas, they climb well and live in holes in trees, such as old squirrel dreys.  They feed on small rodents, birds, eggs insects and fruit, they can be encouraged to visit bird tables. Despite looking in Scotish woodlands and forests I have not seen one in the wild. This captive animal is in the New Forest Animal Sanctuary.

pine martin1.jpgpine martin.jpg

9 thoughts on “Pine Martens.

  1. I never thought I would see a Pine Marten in the wild but we saw one in broad daylight, rubbing its back on the roadside kerb of the A9 in Scotland before it dashed across the tarmac behind our car and safely made it to the other side. Amazing.

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