look at me now!


You may recall what the Black-headed Gull chicks looked like a few weeks ago, they have now grown quite a bit and no longer of so cute.


1 thought on “look at me now!

  1. From cute-and-fuzzy to gangly-looking teenager! It was the same with the goslings … so sweet and then they looked like canoes with legs. The goslings from the first family of geese have all their plumage like their parents. I think they have gone away. I did not walk today as it rained again, but yesterday not a single goose was at the Park. I don’t think the other families’ goslings were ready to fledge though The Park sprays the grass with a grape juice formula once the goslings are gone to deter the geese from grazing until late Fall. There is playground equipment, people rent the pavilion for family get togethers and they don’t want the geese hanging around. Many people are afraid of them. They are okay, unless their young are nearby. Also, the geese lose their “flying feathers” so will find a place to hunker down for the next few months.

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