something different.

Moving pictures.


I am new to try to capture some of my nature spots in motion. What I found interesting it the short Avocet film is

  • How noisy the Black-Headed Gulls are in the background.
  • If you watch the movie how the pond skimmers are also captured in the shots on the water surface.

The black spots on these still photographs (below) I thought were spots on the camera sensor and it needed a clean, but after seeing the movie the spots are water skimmer.






7 thoughts on “something different.

  1. I went to your site and watched the video – they sure were loud. I’ve not posted any videos of my own (never taken any) but read somewhere that it works better if you create a YouTube account, upload your video and insert it as a link. So maybe that is why it didn’t work out the first time? I don’t have a YouTube account; I just hop on there when the need arises.

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