all creatures great and small.

A few hours gardening this morning led to some wildlife spotting (on a small scale). Known as a pest to most gardeners, snails and slugs are a feature of our gardens. I am happy to let nature rule in our garden.


snail.jpg The white-lipped banded snail has a glossy, smooth shell, nearly always has an obvious white lip around the shell opening. Colour’s of the shell range from, yellow pink, brown or red, with up to 5 variable spiral dark bands


3 thoughts on “all creatures great and small.

  1. How interesting to see the snail up close like that. I don’t see snails as much as I see slugs – all over and the huge ones go across the sidewalk during the night, and the pale light in the morning shines on their slime trails and makes them appear iridescent. I has slugs in my garden about 8 years ago. They ate the leaves on most of my plants and I had to buy “Sluggo” to get a handle on the slugs. That didn’t work, so I bought these contraptions that looked like mushrooms. You took the “cap” off and poured beer in. There were a few holes on either side of the mushroom base. The slugs were attracted to the yeasty smell of the beer and climbed in to drink and drowned. It was a messy ordeal cleaning slug bodies, the stale beer, etc. (I had about a dozen of these gizmos) and I eventually just gave up and they finally went away.

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