all at sea – sailing.

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many boats

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Very eerie and calm waters in Southampton Water this afternoon. A little flotilla of sail boats set off down the water towards Portsmouth before crossing towards the Isle of Wight and going out of sight.

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As they passed by the tide was on the ebb and the water was very still with just enough wind to push the flotilla along on its adventure. The view from our favourite spot at Meon Shore near Titchfield Haven changes with both the weather and the view of the activities taking place. Sometimes nature, sometimes pleasure activities other times trade coming into the port.

3 sails

5 saiks


1 thought on “all at sea – sailing.

  1. Beautiful – I love seeing sailboats. Our Memorial Day long weekend is here and the news is full of reminding people that despite the fact we are having a heat wave (high 80s/low 90s), the water is very cold since we had a chilly Spring and how quickly hypothermia will set in. We have a big sailboat race later in the Summer … (the Port Huron to Mackinac Island race) and it is impressive to see all those boats.

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