WW2 Costal AA site.

Lavernock Gun Battery at Lavernock Point, South Wales

I found an aerial photo of a WW2 anti-aircraft gunsite near where we are staying so decided to see if I could find it. Below  is a overview of the site it shows the site as a typical 4  3.7mm gun layout 2 full gun emplacements remain with there small ammunition stores around the circular gun mount, the blast doors and the amo store doors are now gone. This arrangment of the guns was known as a clover leaf patern. The large rectangular building to the left of the picture  is the large magazine it is partly buried into the ground and protected by blast walls. (It is somewhat closer to the guns here than on other sites I have seen) A circular  slab concrete road joins each part of the site entering at the bottom of the picture. Only fragments of  the last 2 gunsites remain they would have been in the bottom right and almost a mirror of the remaining  2 emplacements. Too the top centre of the picture is the control/command centre sunken into the ground with and open centre behind blast walls where the range finder would have been positioned.

from air


Road to  the site

Walking across a nature reserve the footpath soon joined a concrete road typical of WW2 miltary contruction and I was hopful it would lead to the battery. It did.

Gun emplacmentgun mountgunenplacement3.jpg

gun enplacment.jpggun enplacment 1.jpg



x1 gun bunker from above


Magazine block


Control Command Centre.



road way.jpg

concrete  roadway

Futher past the AA site is a war time search light bunker, . This supported a earlier gun battery pointing out to sea which has  now been lost under a caravan park.


This types of site of fairly recent history are still being lost this AA site is one of the best I have seen in a long time. l hope this site is not lost in the future.

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