Saving Lives at Sea.


At Moelfre  Anglesey overlooking the new lifeboat house is a sculpture & memorial to Coxswain Dick Evens 1905-2001 who was awarded 2 Gold & 1 Bronze RNLI medals for gallantry.


He received his 1st gold medal in 1959 for his part in the rescue of all 8 crew from a stricken freighter Hindlea in hurricane force winds gusting to over 100mph. The lifeboat rolled onto its side, putting the mast beneath the water while the Hindlea’s propeller turning away  above the heads of the lifeboat crew. Dick was able to bring the lifeboat alongside the wreck 10 times to complete the rescue. At 61 years old he received his 2nd Gold medal for his part in the rescue of the crew of  a Greek ship which was in danger of being wrecked on the Skerries, North of Holyhead.


life boats

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