A Dorset ghost village.


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Off the beaten track on the Purbeck coast is a Ghost village.


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The village of Tynham is mentioned in the Domesday Book at that time it was known as Tigeham. A 100 years on, the village was known as Tiham and in later times as Tyneham. The village church of St Mary dates from the 13th Century.




Tyneham School was established by the Reverend Nathaniel Bond in 1860. It was later declared as property of the rectory and was closed in 1932 due to lack of pupils.

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In WW2 the village and 7,500 acres of surrounding lands around the Purbeck Hills, were requisitioned just before Christmas 1943 by the then MoD for use as firing ranges for training troops. Some 225 people were displaced.


This measure was supposed to be temporary for the duration of war, but in 1948 the army placed a compulsory purchase order on the land and it has remained in use for military training ever since. The ghost village of Tynham and walks on the ranges are now open to the public most weekends.


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