fishing birds.

The Cormorant has a primitive appearance with a long neck making it appear almost prehistoric  Their flight appears slow and almost clumsy. I would class them as a better swimmer and diver than a flier. Which is probably why Cormorants fish from swimming on the water surface- diving down to catch their meal rather than diving from down flight into the water to catch their fish.

look at me 2look at me 1

below old blog showing some Cormorants.   

look at me

This bird can be seen in a typical pose standing with its wings held out to dry in the breeze after doing some fishing. In some parts of Asia fishermen tether Cormorants and use them from small boats to catch fish for them.


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  1. I meant to comment on this one as well yesterday Andy, but I went right to the embedded link instead and didn’t come back here. This bird does look prehistoric looking here – pretty amazing wingspan, and I especially enjoyed seeing how he dries those huge wings.

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