Flower Power Protester.

As the summer goes on the grasses have turned brown and as it has been so dry everywhere it is dusty under foot but among the grasses, colorful flowers poke through the brown.

blog flower2

blog flower

blog flower1

The cinnabar moth caterpillars have hatched and their distinctive orange and black strips make them an easy spot. They are only found on their host plant the Ragwort. The moth is also recognisable due to its bright red spots and stripes on the grey-black front wings, their rear wings are scarlet with charcoal edging. The moth can be found in open fields and gardens from May to August.

blog flower6


This Wood Pigeon decided to come off his branch and wander around on the ground amongst the flowers and reminded me of Flower power and peace protesters around the time of Vietnam War. So perhaps he was doing a peaceful anti-Trump visit to the UK one bird protest.




1 thought on “Flower Power Protester.

  1. That’s just amazing all those caterpillars on the Ragwort. They look like mini tigers. Your reference to the protesters and flower power – yes, I was around for that era. Don’t the pigeons usually flock to Trafalgar Square? (Alot of them anyway.) They could not go there today with all the Trump protesters and the big balloon. 🙂 Poor birds.

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