Down to the woods.

Down to the New Forest today.  Outside temperatures pushing 28 degrees. So we tried to find a bit of shade in the woods.


The bird feeder at an RSPB hut attracted many Siskins and some other visitors.


Male Siskins.


Pair of Siskins.


female siskin.jpg

Female Siskin.

chafinched .jpg

Male Chaffinch.

great tit

Young Great Tit.

Bolderwood has an area where the deer are fed so the chances of seeing New Forest Deer closer than in the open Forest is more likely. Given that we only saw one female Fallow Deer today.


Fallow deer were first brought to Britain from the Mediterranean in  Roman times, they were kept within enclosures. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, Fallow deer died out in Britain. In the 11th century Fallow deer were reintroduced they were kept in parks gradually their populations increased and they became an important source of venison for aristocratic tables. As the fashion for deer parks declined in the 15th century, many parks fell into disrepair and escapee deer from these parks became the foundation of the free-living population in Britain today.




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