Shared enviroment.

Spent the afternoon and early evening at the Beach. We got to the sea as the tide was going out. While in the sea I watched two lads pack away their fishing rods into their works van, then throw a pile of paper wrapping and plastic bags from their fishing bait onto the path which blew along in the wind. They then finished off their cans of larger and tossed those onto the beach, before getting into the van and driving off. Two elderly ladies out walking reached the rubbish which was blowing towards them collected it up putting into a bag before depositing it into a rubbish bin. When I got out of the water I retrieved the cans from the beach. You are never more than a few hundred yards at Meon Shore from a council provided litter bin along the waterfront. From March to the end of the October there is a litter picker. I am glad there are more who try to care for the waterfront than the few who just have no respect for this lovely environment.

As the light was starting to go we backed up and left for home. Driving up the road I had just said to my other half  “Two days on the coast and I had not taken any pictures.” Seconds later we passed a fox walking up the verge by the sailing club, it sat down and had a scratch!  I pulled over and took his picture.




Much more of a town fox that the one I saw earlier in the year down on the nature reserve.

Below link to 2017 fox pictures.


3 thoughts on “Shared enviroment.

  1. Great images Andy! Yes, all over the world there are thoughtless people who don’t care about our beautiful nature, and they are not aware of dirtying their own environment. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I hate hearing how people are so nonchalant about our environment – it happens everywhere it seems. No one stops to think. Great pictures. This “town fox” – is it older or has mange as its colors are not so vibrant as the other post you made? I didn’t realize their legs were so long.

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