Solent Safari.

low tideing.jpg

low tide.jpg

low tide safari and a closer look at what is under your feet.

Oysters seem to have increased in both numbers and size in recent years. I think these are non-native Pacific Oysters.

low tide 5

low tide 4

low tide 2.jpg

low tide 3.jpg

low tide1.jpg

The most interesting thing I found on the beach today was a mass of eggs which were like jelly fingers and the whole mass overfilled my hand in size when I picked them up. I removed them from the water to take a picture and have a closer look before putting them back. They were free-floating but I do not know if they were attached to something.

low tide 8.jpg

low tide9.jpg

Had a look online and found that they are Squid eggs.

Cuttlefish are common it the Solent but this is the first evidence I have seen that Squid are about.




5 thoughts on “Solent Safari.

  1. I wonder what we did before Google – I know I use it many times a day myself. Interesting about the squid eggs – they looked a little like worms, or, even a brain. What was the green in pictures 6 and 7 – it doesn’t seem like it is seaweed, maybe just a green plastic bag?

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      • You know it almost looked like wrapping paper of some type as it was such a bright green. We are always hearing on the news about all the plastic bags and how harmful they are to sea creatures, like the whale that died a month ago and the necropsy showed all the plastic bags inside its stomach – very sad.

        When you study your seaweed book, you’ll know what seaweeds are edible and what are not. Not that you’re so inclined to eat them … I wouldn’t be, but others are if the water is clean where they are growing in. Here in Michigan, especially in the northern part of our state, mushroom gathering is big. Morel mushrooms mostly, but we also have a lot of poisonous mushrooms, so people like mushroom gathering as a hobby and for cooking, but they have to know which ones to avoid.

        Our lake levels are up by four feet right now … I know your picture involving the tide going out, but we had high wave warnings all over the state today because of the high water level. We’ve had too much rain and we have rain right now and a stormy/rainy weekend coming up. It has rained almost every weekend for two months.

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