4 thoughts on “low tide

  1. That fish was lucky you came along just then. Last year, I was at Bishop Park and a seagull had a fishhook in its foot with a piece of line dragging off the hook. He kept holding his foot up in the air, as birds do when they have a sore foot (my domestic birds have done the same thing through the years). I contacted the Department of Natural Resources by e-mail and asked if a vet could go there as it was not moving and obviously in pain – they answered me three days later (sigh) and they said “the fish hook will work its way out” … not sure I believe that. If you look at the 7th picture down, you can see the line hanging out of its foot:

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      • I don’t think so either Andy and I hated to think about him going the rest of his life with a fishhook and line hanging from his foot. I described exactly where he was standing at the pier and was sure they have several aviary specialists who help rescue birds. We had that goose at the baseball game last week and it recovered and has been released at a nature sanctuary in Lansing, Michigan. That is not close to me, but the poor goose likely will never find its family again. The veterinarian took the goose to Michigan State University, the only veterinary college in our state to ensure it got good care.

        I’m glad you are enjoying some of my past posts … I don’t know what happened with the like button. I had that problem a few months ago and contacted WordPress and they insisted I was able to “like” things … I could not though! I’ve evolved somewhat through the years with my blog, starting off with a digital compact 4X zoom, then my current digital compact 12X zoom and last Sunday I bought my first DSLR camera. I’m excited as I used to use a 35mm camera years ago when I traveled but have not touched it since June of 1983. This is a transition DSLR, supposed to be easy to use to transition from either a smartphone (I don’t have one of those – I have a flip phone) or a compact digital camera. I will only use it on the weekends when I have more time to walk around and take pictures. In the morning, I have to take photos on the fly to be back home for work. I’ll have to read up on how to use it before I start experimenting. I have found some videos on YouTube … I am not good with reading manuals.

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