Kestrel – 1 mouse 0


Spotted this Kestrel sitting on a boat mast at the boat club at Titchfield Haven and despite having the sun behind him so not in the best position I was able to get closer and take a few pictures.

kes blog6

kes blog5

While watching the bird took off and started to hover right by the mast. Hovering is his method of hunting.

a kes.jpg

blog kes1

kes blog3

Without warning, he dived on to the ground catching a mouse which was about 6 foot from where I was standing. No, sadly I could not get any pictures of the moment it was just too close. The Kestrel sat on top of the mouse on the ground covering it with his wings for a few seconds ( I guess to ensure he had got a grip on it) before flying off with it dangling below held in his talons. The mouse was objecting loudly with a screech as it was taken off.

kes blog4.jpg

kes blog



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