Calshot Spit

tower.jpgToday we decided to go around Southampton Water and get views opposite our usual spot at Titchfield Haven. Calshot Spit is about a mile long it is a sand and shingle bank at the seaward end of Southampton Water. It has a lot of historical interest. There is Calshot Castle built by Henry VIII and now open to the public by English Heritage, The former RAF seaplane base is now a Council Activities Centre, the Schneider Trophy seaplanes were a familiar sight in the skies above Southampton Water in the 1920s and early 1930s when the machines were based at Calshot. Calshot Tower is owned by the port it was built in 1973 as part of the Southampton radar chain. It served as a Coastguard lookout from 1974 until the 1990s. The tower opened as a  National Coastwatch Institution lookout in 2010. The NCI is a voluntary charitable organisation set up in 1994 to restore a visual watch along UK coast after many small Coastguard stations closed.




Shipping comes close to the shoreline at Calshot making it an ideal spot for ship watching.



Fawley Power station featured in the latest Star War film ” Solo A Star Wars Story” is close to Calshot Spit. Followers of my blog may recognise the power station which often appears in the background on my pictures.

And what a lovely sunny day it was despite a not so good weather forecast!





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