nature life & death.


War in the air

Suddenly without warning, all hell is breaking out. Black-headed Gulls take flight and leave their nest site as they are buzzed from the air by a Lesser black-backed gull looking for a meal from one of their chicks or eggs.

A few seconds later and the Blacked-headed Gulls take control and in numbers chase off the larger invader, who flies off without a meal this time.


2 thoughts on “nature life & death.

  1. Wow – you captured that fight perfectly. Last Summer I watched a red-winged blackbird pummel a goose with its beak. Sometimes geese have a big attitude, but this one was innocently coming out of the water and walking up the slope with its young in tow and didn’t provoke the red-winged blackbird in the least. The much-smaller bird starting pecking on the goose hard.

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