A family of Shelduck on the sea and in the Harbour at Titchfield Haven today.


The parent birds are very attentive and investing in their ducklings they are rounding them up on the sea and keeping them close. When on land they remain close but allow them to roam a little further.




Shelduck favoured nesting sites include dense bramble or shrubs, and hollow trees. As soon as the young have hatched and dried, they are led from the nest by their parents and sometimes by other ‘spare’ adults to the water. Groups of young will join together to form creches. Normal size for a creche is between 20 and 40, but gatherings of a hundred ducklings are on record. sd6

The little Black and White ducklings are so cute and are a pleasure to watch.

sd chick1.jpg

sd chick2.jpg

sd chick3.jpg

sd chick4.jpg



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