Steamed up.


Today was an open day at the old waterworks at Twyford near Winchester and they were running the steam engine which powered pumps. The Edwardian pumping station contains a unique selection of buildings and machinery, the site was given the status of a Scheduled Ancient Monument in 1973.


There is a little industrial narrow gauge railway on the site which was used to move coal and chalk around the site.



The site is unique in having both water extraction and a complete water softening treatment plant. Only coal needed to be brought to Twyford. Chalk was used to soften the water which was quarried on site. The lime kilns burn the chalk converting it to the lime needed for the softening plant which is complete and in part still workable. In most of Hampshire, our water is very hard and needs to be softened to reduce scaling. The steam engine pumped water up to the surface from deep boreholes in the chalk. (Steam power was replaced with Diesel engines before conversion to electricity.)

3 brick Lime Kilms are an interesting feature of the complex.









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