A weight on my mind.


As well as picking up plastic and general rubbish and putting into a bin on the beach. Over the last couple of years, I have retrieved 100’s of feet of fishing line off the beach at low tide. The line and hooks present a real threat to birds and wildlife on the shore. The lead weights I decided to melt down into an ingot for a doorstop!



I support cleaner seas.


After some experimenting in the garden, I melted the weights down into an ingot this afternoon.



4 thoughts on “A weight on my mind.

  1. I don’t know why people litter either as there are always big trash cans in every beach or park area. Interesting doorstop you have. Last year, I found a seagull near the pier with a fish hook and about 1/2 foot of line hanging from its foot. It was holding its foot up in the air. I e-mailed the Department of Natural Resources and told them the location (he didn’t move the whole time I was there) and thought they had a local vet who might capture him and remove the hook. They told me it would work itself out eventually and he was not in pain. Hopefully that was the case.

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  2. When LWD was a small pup she swallowed some fishing line she found on the beach, obviously thought it a nice fishy treat. I was terrified that a hook might be attached having gently tried to pull the line out with no success and that there would be all kinds of intestinal repercussions. I was on tenterhooks for a few days until it was obvious that there were to be none.

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