Parked up in the New Forest.

Spent some time in the New Forest over the Bank Holiday. After a short walk, I found a small stream. Away from the holiday crowds. I took the chance to take some insect pictures.

The first insect which there were several about was a Metallic green-blue damselfly, in the UK there are 2 types of Metallic blue damselflies this one is called the Demoiselle. 



These damselflies were a chance for me to try some closer work, catching insects in flight proved quite difficult.



Water striders are interesting aquatic creatures to watch they skim across the surface of the water without breaking the surface tension so they in effect can walk on water.


last fly.jpg

Large Red Damselflies, this pair has just mated and the female is laying her eggs underwater.


On the way back I also had a close encounter with a grey squirrel who was running along the forest floor changing direction and headed up a tree after nearly bumping into me.


To end the morning off a Common Lizard turned up by the van door.



6 thoughts on “Parked up in the New Forest.

  1. These are great photos Andy – the damselflies were amazing, especially the red damselflies’ wings (remind me of a screen door in texture). The bigger “critters” were interesting as well. You know I like squirrels – they always pose nicely; the other birds and critters I am at their mercy.

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