Red & White Squirrel !


Anglesey is a stronghold for the Red Squirrel, the Red Squirrel is the UK’s only native squirrel species. We spotted  a Red Squirrel on Sunday near  lligwy bay.  Today near  Hermon I stopped at a Forestery car park and spotted this  Squirrel on a feeding box. Interestingly he has a large white patch of fur around his middle. From a distance it looked like he has no fur round his middle but as you can see from my pictures it is white fur. He also had a white area at the top of his tail

reds 1.jpgreds2.jpg

3 thoughts on “Red & White Squirrel !

  1. What an unusual-looking squirrel. I’ve seen pictures of these squirrels with their furry ears and extra furry tail before but never seen one in real life and this is a great, up-close picture of him. We have fox squirrels (what you see in my posts and named since their tails resemble the coloring of a fox’ fur) and also gray and black squirrels. The latter two stay to themselves and are not as friendly as the fox squirrels and are smaller as well.

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