A Church by the sea.



Seeing a sign for a Church on a Headland and a dead-end sign caused a quick right hand turn towards the sea up a single file road near the pretty little harbour town of Cameas.


Stopping as the road ended at a small car park I spotted the Church. Nothing grand a typical low very plain and strong-looking building with a bell housing at one end. Locked up and closed. Built on a site on the edge of a cliff dedicated to St Patrick and dating back to 440AD. The legend is he was shipwrecked and he found refuge in a cave on the shore below where the church stands today. Saved he founded a church on the headland to thank god for his life.
The churchyard is right on the cliff top and the grave plots have views to die for  well almost. The church was so typical of a small Welsh Church I knew what the inside was like and how simple it would be.— How wrong I was as I was leaving the grounds and met a women coming up the path “Shame but it is locked up”. I said. “I know she said I have the key”.



St Patrick’s was restored by Stanley of Aiderly in 1884 he was a Muslim and he used rich blue glass tiles around the altar bringing colour’s of the East and his religion to this little Christian Church.


The Church was badly damaged by an  arson attack in 1985 but thankfully restored and is here for us to see today when open.

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