The War to End all Wars


Think of peace in this troubled world

on 14th April 2018.


After visiting the “poppies” at the Tower of London in 2014 along with some 5 million people it was on the top of my local visit list when some of them went on tour around the UK which included Fort Nelson. Only 15 miles or so from home makes a simple trip this time.

The Great War 1914 -1918 was said to be the

war to end all wars.



old blog of Poppies at the Tower of London link,


There is a ramp up the banks of the fort so that visitors walk up to the poppy wave and you pass under a sea of red then go down the other side this feels much more personal than the larger poppy display that was at the Tower of London.





More details


Fort Nelson 13th April – 24th June 2018.




16 thoughts on “The War to End all Wars

  1. That’s just incredible … I looked at your former blog post as well. I am sorry I never saw that spectacle when I was London back in 1979. I would have liked to see it. I did pass by Flanders Field by train many years ago, but this is really special here.

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  3. Andy – I would like to reblog this post which includes the link from 2014 for the 100-year anniversary of WWI. I want to know if you have any objections to me including it? I am not sure what I will write about – perhaps I will just do a paragraph and include this link. We have Memorial Park which is near where I live and they have a monument honoring all the servicemen who passed away in all wars since the City was incorporated. Here in the U.S., it is not like in Canada where I grew up. In the U.S., they honor their war dead on Memorial Day in May and honor living servicemen at Veteran’s Day. But I have, in the past, done a post on various local soldiers who have died, one in the Gulf War, and one died after returning home … killed by a drunk driver. I did those on Veteran’s Day and was chastised for “honoring at the wrong time” … if you don’t want me to include the link, no problem, but I wanted to ask first. Yesterday, I passed the link along to a fellow blogger who is Canadian and wrote a nice post about Remembrance Day and included a painting of poppies her mom had done. I knew she would appreciate it. You might enjoy the historical aspect of Joan’s post which includes an earlier post as well, so I’m including it here for you:


      • Thanks, Linda sadly I can not read/see Patch blogs 😢😢 I get the message below when I try to read the blog. I do not how soon son is but will you let me know if you see a fix posted in the USA

        Hello! Patch is currently unavailable in most European locations.
        We are working on a technical compliance solution, and hope to be able to provide our local journalism offerings to EU readers soon. —The Patch Team

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      • I forgot about this – I am sorry Andy. I have tried to send links to stories here before to other European bloggers and they have received that message. I will let you know. I have been blogging there for five years – it is a free platform across the U.S. and I do my blog at a local community hyperlocal paper. I also have my blog on the local newspaper’s blog roll as well, so other non-WordPress people will see your photos/blog posts.

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