down to the woods

If you go down to the woods today,

take your welly boots!

keep out.jpg


Down a muddy path on MOD land near the Hampshire village of Soutwick are the remains of Southwick Priory. Having lived all my life in Hampshire today was my first visit to this site.





Southwick Priory originally founded for Augustinian canons by Henry I in 1133 within the walls of nearby Portchester Castle, but the canons had moved to the present site at Southwick within 20 years. After its suppression in 1538 Southwick was converted into a mansion, Today only one wall of the priory  survives.


Pond close to the Priory possibly an old fish pond.


In front of the Priory the river has been dammed to form a large lake this lake is later than the Priory and associated with the old manor house.


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