2 thoughts on “Mute Swan in close up.

  1. Such a beautiful bird and up close even more beautiful. It seems like you could just reached out and touch those downy feathers. Last weekend, I saw a mute swan plowing through the ice in the creek where I walked. It was exhausted and climbed up onto the creek bank and I got a look and some photos of it up close. Not anywhere as close as you did though. The ice was thick and it plowed through with powerful webbed feet and pushing it with its beak. I am amazed how the swans stay so white in the murky creek water, but I see this one has a touch of beige on its neck and head. I like the way it looked at you, wearing an exasperated look, in picture no. 5 as if to say – “I’m here, go ahead and take my picture!” Nature gives us a treat for our eyes with these graceful creatures doesn’t it?

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