6 thoughts on “another sign of spring

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  2. Andy – thank you for following my blog and I am following you back – I have not gone to your other site yet; last year I digitized all my old family and travel photo albums, as well as some scrapbooks. It was quite a laborious process and about half of the pictures can be used, and the other half must be tweaked … some of the album pages were irregular shapes and required multiple scans and I will have to enlarge, then use the snipping tool to make the pictures look good. It may take years to do this, but it will be nice when everything is finished. I have no family, so it is nice to look at the photos and have some nice memories. I have enjoyed looking at your blog photos – I like the nature photos and you are having a lot of snow. Is this Southampton, England? I’m guessing so. We had a lot of snow this year too here in Southeast Michigan – we were spoiled by the last two mild Winter. The horse-drawn hearse was very interesting. Is that the norm, or just a special occasion hearse. We have horse-drawn hearses on occasion as some people desire different flourishes for their funerals, but not for most funerals.

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      • I see – the horses and see-through hearse looked very interesting. I have been hearing about all your snow there from a few UK bloggers and on the news. I’m not a big snow fan at all – I took the bus to the City of Detroit for many years – decades in fact, so Winter driving is not my strong point as I just walked to the bus stop from home. I now work from home, so don’t have to deal with snow like before Your pictures are very nice. I have followed your other blog as well.

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