Walking with dinosaurs’.

Dippy on Tour

Dippy – the Diplodocus is the  famous dinosaur which has had a starring role at London’s National History Museum since 1905. Over the next 2 years Dippy is on tour of the UK. We will be able to see him for the 1st time outside London.



Dippy will be on show a the following places full details on this link.


  • Dorset County Museum 10/02 to 07/05/2018.
  • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery 26/05/2018.
  • Ulster Museum 28/0918  to 06/01/2019.
  • Glasgow Museum 22/01 to 05/05/2019.
  •  Newcastle upon Tyne 18/05 to 06/10/2019.
  • Nation Assembly Wales 19/10/19 to 26/01/2020.
  • Rochdale 10/02 to 28/06/2020.
  • Norwich Cathedral 11/07 to 31/10/2020.





Being we live in Hampshire we booked our ticket to see Dippy at Dorchester Dorset.

The 70ft plaster-cast sauropod replica has dominated the Natural History Museum’s vast Hintze hall ever since.

He became an instantly recognisable symbol of the London museum, standing just inside the main visitors’ entrance.



Dippy  is a cast of is a Diplodocus,copied from original fossil bones discovered in the US in 1898,  a herbivore with a long neck that it would  use to reach high and low vegetation and water.

It is one of the longest dinosaurs and lived during the late Jurassic Period, about 150 million to 155 million years ago.


dippy wide.jpg

dippy wide1.jpg




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