A walk on the pier

southsea pier 6.jpg

I last visited Southsea pier in December 2015 when it was closed and being restored – click on link below for details and history of the pier.

Southsea Pier Blog 2015

southsea pier5.jpg

southsea pier.jpg

southsea pier 2.jpg

southsea pier 4.jpg Construction of the pier started in 1878 and it was officially opened on 26 July 1879. It was partly dismantled during WW2 in an attempt to hinder any possible German invasion. Over the years it caught fire several times, most famously in 1974 during shooting of the film “Tommy”.

Over time maintaining the pier ran into many £1000’s a year and like many other British pier’s Southsea’s was failing, By November 2013, following an attempt by the owner to re-open the Pier, Portsmouth Council served a formal closure notice on the Pier to “protect the public from immediate danger”.

Much local involvement led to new investment in the pier to save it. In April 2017 with more than four million pounds  spent repairing the structure and  building, the new owners announced they had secured the pier’s long-term future and were ready to open the pier to the public again.

Under the pier, often an area overlooked by pier visitors.

under the pier 2

under the pier 1.jpg

under the pier

Dead starfish washed up on Southsea beach, there were many hundred along the strand line.

star fish 1.jpg

7 thoughts on “A walk on the pier

  1. It looks fabulous! Well done! I have just read “The road to little Dribbling” by Bill Bryson and we both wonder why some seaside places are booming and others, former big attractions, are struggling so much.

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