low tide spotting

People were out enjoying the beach this morning. A bright morning but cold with a cutting wind.

fed gulls.jpg

We got to the Solent with tide out but just starting to come in. So had an hour or so below the high water mark.

beach rocks.jpg

seaweeds are often overlooked on the beach, below is a wrack possibly an Estuary Wrack

sea weads.jpg

A bright orange seaweed


I first started spotting the odd sea urchin in this area of the Solent in the late summer of 2016. All through this winter (2017/18) I have found loads of dead urchin shells and the odd live one under rocks which to me indicates this species has a marked rise in numbers in this area. The urchin below is a bit bigger than a 50p  coin. I have turned it over to show its mouth/beak.

sea urchin.jpg

sea urchin 1.jpg


mouth 1

Below Blenny found under seaweed.

fish 1.jpg

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