follow the tide.

1st Paddle of 2018 !! If you are fed up with wader pictures go to bottom of post



Wednesday’s weather forecast was good so we decided to take advantage of the low tide forecast for late afternoon today to look at the seashore wildlife. Arriving in the morning things changed with hard rain coming in off the sea, so spent the morning sea watching from the comfort of the Campervan. After lunch the weather cleared and with the tide in a lot of the waders were resting before feeding when the tide dropped.

sleeping turnstone.jpg


sleeping gull

sleeping birds1.jpg

sleeping birds

sleeping x

After the tide dropped I was down on the shore paddling in rather cold water. to see what was about.





Sea anemones are actually animals, from a group called Cnidarians related to jellyfish and corals. Cnidaria comes from the Latin word cnidae which means a ‘nettle’. Animals within this group have stinging cells which they use for the capture of food and to protect themselves against predators. Sea anemones are simple animals, often attached to rocks and boulders. As below there are also burrowing anemones that bury themselves  in the sea floor.


An Orange sea sponge  encrusting cracks and crevices on the shore I  believe this is called is Hymeniacidon perleve.



Old drift wood with worm damage.


Days end.





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