Rescue me

Bristow’s operates 10 coastguard helicopter bases around the UK on behalf of Her Majesty’s Coastguard. Solent’s Search and Rescue Helicopter was flying this morning heading over the Solent towards the Isle of Wight.


AgustaWestland AW189

These helicopter’s are  assembled in Yeovil

  • Air Speed: 145 knots
  • Flight crew: 4
  • Capacity: 16 persons or as required
  • Endurance: over 4 hours
  • Twin hoist
  • Comprehensive medical suite
  • Icing protection


1 thought on “Rescue me

  1. After the Falklands War, Bristows were contracted to supply Heli support to the Brit military, mainly moving troops around the islands. With typical squaddie humour they were nicknamed “Erics” and in some cases had their own landing sites, marked with a large “E” rather than the usual “H”.


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