1st RN Submarine


In September 1902 Holand 1 arrived at Portsmouth Dock yard with another completed Holland submarine and HMS Hazard  (their tender) this group made up the “First Submarine Flotilla”, commanded by Captain Reginald Bacon.


She was the Royal Navy’s 1st submarine to go into service.

holand1 b

In  1913 she was considered obsolete so she was sold for scrap (for £410) with all fittings intact, and the only requirement put on the purchaser was that the torpedo tube be put out of action. While being towed to the scrap yard Holland 1 encountered  severe weather and sank about a mile and a half off Eddystone lighthouse  No crew were on board the submarine at the time. In November 1983 she was raised.

holand1 eholand1 a.jpg

holand1 c

Now listed as part of the National Historic Fleet, in 2001, on her centenary, and new purpose-built climate-controlled building was opened to display this historic boat in Gosport Hampshire.






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