different but the same.



I spent some time this morning watching Oystercatchers on Meon Shore. Within a flock of about 10 birds  there was one bird who had extra white feathers on his back and face , he seemed quite happy with the other birds. I have not noticed this bird before. Cockles seemed to be on the menu today.



2 thoughts on “different but the same.

  1. Who would think that black-and-white plumage could be so striking and with that orange beak … they are beautiful. I see what you mean regarding the feathers and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in any birds here. When I saw the mallard hybrid it had the odd brown, black and white coloring and I wondered what it was as I’ve never seen one before. I had to upload my picture and do an Google image search and I discovered it was a mallard hybrid. All the rest of the mallards were traditional colors for drakes and females … this guy all on its own.

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