now a ruin once a palace


English Heritage notice board picture at the plaace.

Situated just outside the Cathedral City of Winchester  is Bishop’s Waltham Palace. It was the palace of the cities Bishop’s who built this splendid residence which included a 1000 acre park.


King Henry II called a council at the Palace in 1182, to ask his nobles for supplies and to plan a Crusade. This was the start of a succession of royal visits. In 1190 King Richard I stayed at the palace and was as entertained after his crowning at Winchester and before embarking on his last Crusade.


In 1415, King Henry V also stayed at the palace and in the following century, King Henry VIII stayed at Bishop’s Waltham Palace before embarking to France.


During the English Civil War following the Battle of Cheriton in 1644 which was to the North of the Palace the London Brigade Parliamentarian troops moved towards Bishop’s Waltham Palace. Bishop Curle fled Cromwell’s advance on Winchester and was at the Palace when the Parliamentarian Forces arrived. Bishop Curle knew his only chance of survival was to escape from a besieged Palace and he did this in a manure cart. The Parliamentarians inflicted great damage on the palace following this deterioration began and it became a private dwelling before finally falling into ruin.

Today the site is managed by English Heritage and open to the public (weekends only in the winter)



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