A rumbles on the mumbles

mumbles p

Built in 1898 Mumbles Pier is 835 feet long It is located in a corner of  Swansea Bay South Wales. It cost £10,000 to construct. It was the western terminus for the Swansea and Mumbles Railway and a major terminal for the White Funnel paddle steamers bringing tourists from routes along the  River Severn and the Bristol Channel. A new RNLI lifeboat house is now at the end of the peir.


Mumbles Lighthouse is on a small island near the pier it with care can be reached at low tide. In 1792  work began on the contruction of a  lighthouse but the part way through the build the structure collapsed in October 1792. Architect William Jernegan drew up new plans and his ighthouse was finally completed and lit in 1794. It originally displayed two open coal fire lights,one above the other—to distinguish it from the two lighted towers of St. Ann’s Head Lighthouse and Flatholm Lighthouse’s single light. The coal  braziers were both difficult to maintain and expensive so were  replaced with a single oil powered light consisting of Argand lamps with reflectors within a cast iron lantern. The original two lights are still reflected in the two tier structure of the tower. Trinity House assumed responsibility this Lighthouse from the British Transport Docks Board on 1 November 1975.

mumbles lightmumbles light1



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