The Lydney canal is a short one-mile canal  it runs inland from the River Severn from Lydney harbour. It was opened in 1813 to move iron and coal from the Forest of Dean . Wood was still being brought into the canal as late as the 1960s and it continued with some commercial use until the 1980s. The entrance to the canal consists of an outer tidal gate opening into a wide basin. From there a lock opens into the one-mile canal. Immediately above the lock, a pair of gates protect against a high tidal flood in the estuary. Today the canal appears to be a mooring for many small pleasure boats many of which look, as they would not survive in the waters of the Severn. Further inland the boats giveway to nature.

back water6back water.jpgback water 4.jpgback water5.jpgback water 2.jpg

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