not forgotten





Brookwood Military Cemetery is the largest CWGC cemetery in the UK.It is located 30 miles from London in Surrey, The cemetery contains the graves of more than 1,600 servicemen of the British Empire from WW1  and over 3,470 from the WW2 within the grounds is The Brookwood 1939-1945 Memorial which commemorates about 3,500 men and women of the land forces of the Commonwealth who died during WW2 and have no known grave, the circumstances of their death being such that they could not appropriately be commemorated on any of the campaign memorials in the various theatres of war.

bw101914-1918 Memorial is  to remember the missing and commemorates casualties with no known grave. The majority of the casualties on this memorial are servicemen personel  from the land forces of the UK,  They had not been  commemorated by the Commission at the time, the Brookwood Memorial commemorates some land and air forces casualties who were lost at sea. These casualties in the past would have been commemorated on the Hollybrook Memorial in Southampton, but the memorial panels there are now full and so their names has been added to this memorial.


Within Broockwood is a little bit of America in England  the American Cemetery and Memorial  contains the graves of 468 military dead.




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